Batch 1, Track 1 – Fade Away

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In 2006, my drummer friend A’aqel and I found ourselves wanting to be in a band. Like any other bedroom musician, we practiced and sharpened our instrument-playing skills by covering songs by our favourite musicians and bands. In doing so, we relied on a piece of tablature software that presents musical arrangements as numbers instead of musical notations, with each number representing a fret on a guitar or bass guitar fretboard. As we accumulated tabs to learn from and practice with, we realized that the software provided a platform for creating our own music. Granted, we lacked in our understanding of music theory and musical arrangement, and it shows in our early song-writing attempts. However, the attempts provided the understanding we sorely needed, which matured noticeably by the end of the year when we formed Ramandu, named after a character in C.S. Lewis’s The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

‘Fading Into You’ was the second track written as Ramandu, a slow-burner composed around the idea of gradually becoming a victim of attraction while losing one’s sense of self or responsibilities along the way. Musically, the track was heavily influenced by a demo from Texas indie rockers Eisley; two years later, I revisited the track and revised it in an attempt to distance it from its source of inspiration (although I did choose to keep the guitar melody I lifted directly from their demo, which can be heard at the 1:29 mark). The tempo was bumped up several notches, the arrangement was made punchier, and a secondary guitar part was added to the mix. As these changes were made, the idea that informed the original work changed, as well: instead of losing one’s sense of responsibility to lust, the revised track toyed with the notion of fading away as a result of overbearing responsibilities, an all too common scenario which also gave the song its current title.


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