If you were able to get your hands on my laptop and loaded up iTunes, you would find yourself looking at the following view:

What you are looking at is a list of some twenty-odd instrumental music tracks with a familiar name clearly stated under the ‘artist’ column, and a few more hidden just out of sight. The list is the result of musical ideas accumulated between 2006 and 2010, that were then refined and generated using a tablature software. A glance at the ‘album’ column might give you the idea that tracks composed from the same time period are grouped together into its own batches, producing a rather crude discography (for a lack of a better word) of my musical pursuits. Unfortunately, the list had not seen any new additions over the past four years.

During the days preceding this post, I entertained the idea of uploading most of the tracks online. Throughout their existence, the tracks had only been heard by a handful of people – co-writers, close friends who knew of my musical pastime, and family members. This website is thus created – revived, to be precise – simply to share those tracks with more listeners. Each track is accompanied by brief insights into its inner workings (which may include ideation processes, influences and interesting bits of trivia, if any). In return, I am hoping for you to put forth your honest comments and constructive criticisms that will allow me to not only rekindle my drive to create music, but to also be better at doing so.