Batch 1, Track 3 – Echo

Last modified: Friday, ‎9 ‎January, ‎2009, ‏‎4:30:20 PM.

Ramandu‘s progress was an excruciatingly slow one. As the year 2006 crossed over to 2007, A’aqel and I had only managed to materialize three demo tracks (two of which were previously featured on the website; all of which were undoubtedly mediocre). Even with us managing to get a couple of our friends on board to fill in the positions of bassist and lead guitarist during practice sessions, only two or three of such sessions ever took place, either as a result of our commitment to academia or our lack of interest for the musical materials. Eventually, the band (or rather, the notion of the band) fizzled out and Ramandu became nothing more than a signifier for an experience that once was. Following the lengthy bouts of creative idleness over the course of a year, I chose to revisit two of the more interesting Ramandu tracks and revised them in 2008. I felt really pleased with the outcome of the revision, and so the process then blossomed into the creation of four new tracks.

20th century French poet Paul Valéry once wrote that “[a] work is never completed except by some accident such as weariness, satisfaction, the need to deliver, or death” (though the phrase was often wrongly attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci, and occasionally to Picasso). I revisited the first of the four new tracks in 2009, ‘Echo’, and did subtle revisions to it. Its current incarnation is not that different from the original version; apart from the inclusion of a secondary guitar part, and a more refined post-processing, the revised track is identical in arrangement. What’s peculiar about this track, though, is that I could not recall how the title came to be, or why. I figured that it probably had allusions to outer space (somehow), or the idea of solitude. Maybe it was a combination of both, a scenario revolving around a space traveller condemned to a solitary life in the vast expanse of space, becoming a distant echo of insignificance that is humanity itself. Or maybe not.


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