Batch 1, Track 4 – Curious Cat

Last modified: Tuesday, ‎10 ‎June, ‎2008, ‏‎5:54:22 PM.

The popular phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” had its modern origin in an 1911 newspaper article written by editor Arthur Brisbane, in which he urged the use of pictures in journalism and publicity practices of the era. The idea behind the phrase was that ideas can be better conveyed through the use of visuals instead of lengthy texts (which, in the context of this website, is rather ironic), and has been present even in the years prior to its first modern usage. In my early attempts at creating music, I have found that this sentiment of idea representation is also applicable to the aural art form. Take classical music as an example, specifically, its increasingly popular sub-genre of film scores where any given composition is used in accompaniment with a character, event or theme. Despite being performed in the absence of lyrics, film scores are still capable of conveying a particular message or emotion, even when listened to outside of its original context.

This notion of using purely music in one’s self-expression had later on found its way into guitar-based music, most notably in the rock sub-genre of post-rock. I remember being immediately hooked the moment I stumbled upon it online. Up until then, I have often thought of instrumentals either as incomplete pieces of music, or as karaoke tracks. In recent years, post-rock bands have flourished, and many different approaches to the sub-genre can be heard; some retained the essence of a hard-rockin’ band, while others have drifted closer to being orchestral pieces. Inspired, I worked on ‘Curious Cat’ as my first deliberate try at an instrumental. The track has three parts, each woven together by a rather loose plot about a curious cat that crosses the street, causing a commotion in the process, and ending with an ambiguous conclusion: did the cat made it across unscathed, or not? On that note, we’ve now come to the end of Batch 1. Batch 2 starts Monday!


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