Batch 2, Track 1 – Coincidence

Last modified: ‎Wednesday, ‎7 ‎January, ‎2009, ‏‎1:45:59 AM.

In the process of revising ‘Echo’ during the early days of 2009, I had also began work on a new batch of tracks. Unlike the tracks of Batch 1 that pulled influences from several different sources, Batch 2 was a practice in utilizing a single item as a point of reference or inspiration, specifically the 2007 fantasy drama film Bridge to Terabithia. The film was an adaptation of a 1977 children’s novel by American author Katherine Paterson, and tells the story of ten-year-old Jesse who befriended his new classmate and neighbour Leslie after loosing to her in their school’s footrace event. Charmed by her wits, talents and outgoing personality, their new-found friendship has allowed Leslie to help Jesse overcome his bouts of fear and depression through their imagining of a fantasy world they christened Terabithia. However, their moments of happiness were tragically short-lived as it was tested by an unexpected event which ultimately taught Jesse the value of a friend.

‘Coincidence’ was originally conceived as a reference to the coincidental nature of how Jesse’s and Leslie’s friendship came to be. Naturally, the track took on a different identity as I worked on it, and I felt that it has expanded upon the original idea and became more of an emotional commentary of certain portions of the film (not that it matters, anyway, being an instrumental). Arrangement-wise, this track was probably my first attempt at using an odd time signature, having at the time been exposed to bands like Radiohead and Mew. In this sense, ‘Coincidence’ has set precedence for the use of odd time signatures in upcoming tracks, though I did not entirely abandon the perennial favourite 4/4 beat (I mean, c’mon, regular folks love the 4/4 beat). It needs to be said, though, that ‘Coincidence’ and its Batch 2 brethren felt rather underwhelming and under-worked to my ears, especially in comparison to Batch 1, even if they have their moments.


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