Batch 2, Track 2 – Awkward

Last modified: ‎Friday, ‎9 ‎January, ‎2009, ‏‎3:56:20 AM.

Keeping in line with the idea of utilizing a single item as a point of reference or influence for the tracks of Batch 2, ‘Awkward’ was based on the 2007 drama fantasy film Bridge to Terabithia, specifically the lead characters Jesse’s and Leslie’s awkward beginning as friends. The track’s arrangements amplified that glimpse of gawkiness and expands it to include the happier times that followed after. Arrangement-wise, ‘Awkward’ came across as an even more underwhelming track than ‘Coincidence’: the verse sections would probably work fine within the context of an instrumental but not when a vocal melody is added to the mix, and the outro section is a slightly reworked but unabashed rip-off of The Cure‘s lead guitar melody from ‘Just Like Heaven’, used as a quick fix to wrap up works on the track. On another note, ‘Awkward’ was the second track I created to have used an odd time signature, although it didn’t work out as well as I had thought.


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