Batch 2, Track 4 – Drown

Last modified: ‎Saturday, ‎11 ‎October, ‎2008, ‏‎1:27:05 AM.

Keeping in line with the idea of utilizing a single item as a point of reference or influence for the tracks of Batch 2, ‘Drown’ was based on the 2007 drama fantasy film Bridge to Terabithia, specifically as a reference to the death of the lead character Leslie. The character’s death was not portrayed in the film, but it was alluded to during a critical point in Jesse’s character development. Jesse had been asked out by his music teacher and secret crush, Miss Edmunds, to spend the Saturday at an art museum. Having gotten a nodded approval from his mum (who was sleeping in), Jesse accepted the invitation. For a brief moment, he wondered if he should ask Leslie to come along, but decided against it. When he got back home, he learned from his distraught family that Leslie had knocked her head on a rock in her attempt to swing across the nearby creek and drowned. What happened after was essentially Jesse going through the five stages of grieve.

‘Drown’ was not originally intended as a Batch 2 track, and it certainly was not originally informed by the film. Completed a few months after I had finished working on ‘Curious Cat‘, the track was an emotional outpouring (of sorts) that resulted from me having to do something that I have lost interest for on a daily basis. I felt like I did not have an outlet to express or share my thoughts without being put at risk of being overruled or feeling patronized; naturally, I coped with the pressure the only way I knew how, and that is to keep everything bottled up in hopes that it will soon pass. ‘Drown’ was later included as a Batch 2 track as I felt that, within the context of the film, it can be a reference to Leslie’s death; additionally, it can also be related to Jesse’s coping with the sudden loss of a friend. I figured that Jesse must have struggled with the confusing wave of emotions and thoughts, only surfacing back to reality through the comforts of his father’s consoling words.


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