Batch 2, Track 5 – Moments

Last modified: ‎Monday, ‎12 ‎January, ‎2009, ‏‎3:59:37 AM.

Keeping in line with the idea of utilizing a single item as a point of reference or influence for the tracks of Batch 2, ‘Moments’ was based on the 2007 drama fantasy film Bridge to Terabithia, specifically as a loose reference to the stages of grieving that lead character Jesse goes through following the passing of his close friend, Leslie. The track’s arrangement is an attempt at reinterpreting the progress of each stage in aural form: Jesse’s immediate denial of Leslie’s death, his brief bout of suppressed anger (one can argue that he was angry with Leslie for wanting to cross the creek even when the water level had risen, though it may not be the case), his brief bout of mild depression where he blamed himself for her death (which, he reasoned, could have been avoided had he asked Leslie to come along with him and Miss Edmunds to the art museum) and ultimately his acceptance of the unfortunate event.

Writing about the tracks of Batch 2 over the past week has given me the urge to revisit Terabithia, so a few nights ago, I managed to squeeze in a viewing of the film. As has been pointed out in many positive reviews of the film, despite the rather straightforward plot that revolves around the friendship of two ten-year-old kids, you can’t help but be pulled into the story due to the commendable performance of the child actors. AnnaSophia Robb’s acting, in particular, had really given life to the character of Leslie, making it easy for viewers to emotionally invest in the character (and thus be utterly in tears when the plot reaches its peak), regardless of whether they had read the novel or not. Having said that, I belong squarely in the have-not-read-the-novel camp, so I definitely need to be getting a copy to bury my nose in. On that note, we have now reached the end of Batch 2; Batch 3 will start this Monday. Thank you!


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