Batch 3, Track 1 – Hello There

Last modified: ‎Saturday, ‎27 ‎September, ‎2008, ‏‎2:20:00 AM.

I am starting to realize that 2008 was a rather productive year for me, at least when it comes to indulging in my musical pursuits. Not only did I completed work on three-fourths of Batch 1, I had also apparently started work on the songs for Batch 2 whilst finishing up on tracks that would later form Batch 3. This third batch, with an assigned working name of ‘Past, Present, Repeat’, originally consisted of ten tracks (a track was later regrouped to complete what would later be referred to as Batch 5). If Batch 2 was an attempt at creating tracks that are based on a single item as a point of reference, Batch 3 was an attempt at creating tracks within the framework of an album, specifically emphasising on the listening flow from one track to the next. Of course, whether I had achieved that or not is obviously up for debate (which I highly welcome). Inspiration-wise, Batch 3 saw a return to roots and pulls in influences from many different places as opposed to just one.

‘Hello There’ served as the opening track for Batch 3, welcoming listeners to the landscape (or soundscape) that they will reside in over the course of several tracks. Though it is not necessary for an album to have one, some of my favourite records do start with an introduction of sorts (such as Interpol‘s ‘Turn On The Bright Lights’), so I figured I should include one. In the first few listens after ‘Hello There’ was completed, I kept imagining it to be accompanied by a scene where a character, sound asleep, is greeted by the morning sun; she wakes up and dismisses the alarm on her mobile phone, before struggling out of bed to get ready for the long day ahead. Somewhere in the process, she pulls the curtains aside, revealing a view of city life already in full swing so early in the day. As this scene repeats itself, it felt to me that the scene must be set in Manhattan (does the track feel like New York City to you?), hence the photo of a sunrise over a bustling 42nd Street.


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