Batch 3, Track 3 – Whenever You’re Ready

Last modified: ‎Saturday, ‎27 ‎September, ‎2008, ‏‎2:20:18 AM.

Batch 3 was an attempt at creating within the framework of an album, with emphasis on the listening flow from one track to the next; whether I had achieved this or not is obviously up for debate (which I highly welcome). ‘Whenever You’re Ready’ is the third track from the batch. I don’t remember how the track’s title came about, but it basically references the preparation that takes place prior to any demanding act or endeavour. Musically, it was influenced by some of the more prominent indie bands of the early 2000s: take, for example, the alternating, percussion-like guitars and drumming taken straight out of Bloc Party‘s song-writing book. Additionally, the arrangement also saw a middle-eight (for a lack of a better term) section that could have been inspired by the sci-fi television series ‘Stargate’, and a stereo-panning outro section that slightly heightens the “spacey feels” of the track (the melody of which was actually a rework of an older idea that I had).


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