Batch 3, Track 4 – Untitled

Last modified: ‎Wednesday, ‎29 ‎April, ‎2009, ‏‎11:08:07 PM.

Batch 3 was an attempt at creating within the framework of an album, with emphasis on the listening flow from one track to the next; whether I had achieved this or not is obviously up for debate (which I highly welcome). ‘Untitled’ is the fourth track from the batch. The absence of a track title was probably because the track came about pretty much simply as a collection of musical ideas, as opposed to it being inspired by a book I had read or a film I had watched. However, I remember that I did attempt to include lyrics to the arrangement, which vaguely tells a story of my deceased younger sister (who passed away a few days after her birth, though due to what, I can’t recall). I remember typing the words out in a Notepad document, but I must’ve deleted it back when I was transferring my files to this three-year-old laptop I’m using. I could’ve named the track after her, or some quality of hers, but leaving it untitled essentially allows the track to be whatever one wants it to be.


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