Batch 3, Track 6 – Failure

Last modified: ‎Saturday, ‎11 ‎October, ‎2008, ‏‎3:38:34 PM.

‘Failure’ is the sixth track from Batch 3, an exercise in creating music within the framework of an album (one can dream, yes?). The track was inspired by, well, failures; more specifically, I worked on the track as a way of venting out my disappointment for not being able to cope with my studies at the time, as well as my frustrations for not being presented with an opportunity to pursue other avenues of interest. As I have hinted in a previous post, having to work on something you’ve lost interest in on a daily basis is futile; nothing you work on is any good, and the only outcome is an overwhelming sense of failure (or at least, a sense of gradually underperforming to the point of failing). For some odd reason, the track often brings to my mind the image of Usher kneeling on top of a crumbling mountain. I don’t know if it’s because I had been subconsciously exposed to his song too often at the time I worked on ‘Failure’, but it’s definitely an odd image to pair with the track.


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