Batch 3, Track 8 – Movements

Last modified: ‎Saturday, ‎27 ‎September, ‎2008, ‏‎2:21:40 AM.

‘Movements’ is the eigth track from Batch 3, an exercise in creating music within the framework of an album (one can dream, yes?). The track’s title was informed by the arrangement which, to my mind, gives off a film-noir-in-Manhattan kinda vibe. The film noir genre typically revolves around a character or characters that indulges in the act of sleuthing (or spying… maybe even stalking?), moving silently through the shadows and staying out of sight as they hunt down leads that brings them a step closer to their objective. Musically, this track’s probably the most post-punk I’ve ever been (if I could say so, myself); some of my friends know that I have love for the genre and any contemporary band with even the slightest shade of Joy Division, but prior to ‘Movements’, I’ve never set out to create something along those lines (at least, not on purpose). Having said that, this track definitely isn’t the last to bear any instances of the genre, as you’ll soon find out.


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