Batch 3, Track 9 – Midnight Train

Last modified: ‎Saturday, ‎11 ‎October, ‎2008, ‏‎11:23:55 PM.

‘Midnight Train’ is the ninth and final track from Batch 3, an exercise in creating music within the framework of an album (one can dream, yes?). The track was not inspired by anything in particular, so it did not have an idea or a story attached to it, initially. However, as I was working on the arrangement, I realized that the opening jingle (though repetitive) is reminiscent of the short announcement tone you would hear on train rides as you are approaching the next train station. From there, I sort of developed a loose story that would then inform the rest of the arrangement. Out of all the songs that made up Batch 3, ‘Midnight Train’ is a definite favourite of mine.

The accompanying plot begins like so: A young man, whom I like to presume is in his twenties, gets off work after a long day. Wanting to be home as soon as possible, he rushes to the nearest train station and manages to get aboard the last train scheduled for the day. Despite midnight approaching, the compartment he is in still has a fair number of commuters, in varying stages of fatigue. There are still many stations to pass before he gets off. Little by little, he observes as the compartment’s occupants reduces in numbers. Eventually, he finds himself alone with just one other passenger, a young woman so engrossed with her phone that she doesn’t take note (or maybe, pretending not to take note) of him. As the train passes the next few stations, he finds himself stealing glances at her, and wondering about many things, like “What game is she playing?” or “What’s her name?”. He suddenly finds himself broken out of his reverie by the sound of doors opening. She steps onto the platform, oblivious. The doors close, and the train resumes its schedule, carrying him within it as he wonders if they’ll ever cross paths again. *cringes*

I once presented the track to my classmates during a presentation, but their thoughts were a little difficult to read (that’s to be expected I guess). And on that note, we have come to the end of Batch 3. The first of four tracks from Batch 4 will be up this Saturday.


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