Batch 4, Track 1 – The Fall

Last modified: ‎Tuesday, ‎16 ‎June, ‎2009, ‏‎3:42:36 AM.

When I first toyed with the idea of creating new tracks that would later make up Batch 4, I was already experiencing some difficulty in coming up with ideas that, at least to my ears, were fresh. It felt as if the previous three batches have already exhausted any musical curiosities that I have had wanted to explore or attempt to emulate. So, as a remedy to this creative roadblock, I approached the tracks of Batch 4 differently, opting to keep things simple and restrained, even if the end results might appear to be repetitive and bleak. Of course, when one speaks of bleak music, the sounds of post-punk often comes to mind. In my entry for ‘Movements‘, I’ve hinted at upcoming tracks that bore further influences of the genre; ‘The Fall’ is one of those tracks. Granted, this track is a little more accessible than the typical offerings of the genre, but I guess it’s still a dreary listen. There’s no real story behind the title, other than it being a throwaway reference to how I felt at the time.


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