Batch 4, Track 2 – Day

Last modified: ‎Wednesday, ‎17 ‎June, ‎2009, ‏‎12:07:05 PM.

‘Day’ is the second track from Batch 4, through which I exercised a simple and restrained approach to creating music. Following upon ‘The Fall‘, this track’s arrangement was a deeper exploration into the bleak aural territory of the post-punk genre (I guess, technically, this track would fall under the ‘post-punk revival’ label), keeping the instrumentations as sparse as possible while still keeping it accessible – well, barely. The sparseness of the track isn’t just for aesthetics’ sake; the dreariness of the first two-thirds of its arrangement was meant to represent the dreariness and repetitiveness of the daily grind, be it at work or elsewhere. By the time the track reaches the remaining one-third, we hear the dreariness slowly being lifted; this change in atmosphere represents one’s return to the comfort and warmth of the family, an obviously irreplaceable source of strength that makes it possible for us to cope with the struggles of each and every day.


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