Batch 4, Track 3 – Means To Be Adored

Last modified: ‎Tuesday, ‎16 ‎June, ‎2009, ‏‎8:28:49 PM.

‘Means To Be Adored’ is the third track from Batch 4, through which I exercised a simple and restrained approach to creating music. The idea for this track came about through one of my many impromptu over-thinking sessions that keep me awake at night. On one such occasion, I found myself contemplating the reasons as to why I have never committed myself to a relationship. Knowing myself, I can easily think of a few at the top of my head (which would be a little pathetic to share – at least not publicly), but frankly, I do not know for sure if those are even valid reasons. This track is also one of the few where I’ve attempted to write lyrics for; honestly, they aren’t any good, and so I have forgotten most of them. I wrote one verse for this track, which I imagined would come in at the very end when all that’s left is the rhythm guitar arrangement: “I’ve waited all my life / locked eyes from across the room / but I’ve waited some time too long / for means to be adored”.


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