Batch 5, Track 1 – Darkest Hour

Last modified: ‎Tuesday, ‎29 ‎June, ‎2010, ‏‎2:56:56 PM.

Sometime ago in 2010, I was presented with a suggestion by my friend (and former collaborator of Batch 1), A’aqel. At the time, he had left Cyberjaya to pursue a music course at a prominent public university in Shah Alam, and during the first few weeks he was there, he came up with the idea of starting a band to help him practice for his practical assignments and recitals (if not for the fun of it). He had proposed an idea for what is essentially an “indie pop rock” band, focusing on a musical style that is easily accessible by the masses whilst still retaining the experimental nature that has come to be associated with indie music. Naturally, I agreed. We initially referred to the project as ‘Manhattan’ (we had unexpectedly come across a Wikipedia entry on the ‘Manhattan Project’ on of our link-jumping exercises), but for some reason, we ultimately settled on the name ‘National Acrobats’ (no affiliation with an American hardcore punk band of the same name).

As ‘National Acrobats’, we only managed to produce two tracks during the project’s brief lifespan. Early on, the plan was to have a workable set of songs that we can demo and, ideally, record as an EP; however, the song-writing process burnt out rather quickly, so we decided to reuse a couple of the more pop-ier tracks from my previous batches and include them in the project. ‘Darkest Hour’ was initially grouped into Batch 1, and it is the first of two tracks that I revived for ‘National Acrobats’. I have never been really fond of this track (it felt too… upbeat?), but A’aqel thought that it was a good fit to the project. The track’s title doesn’t really have a story behind it; in fact, it was just something I had plucked out of the 1987 Transformers movie (where Rodimus Prime called upon the Autobot Matrix to ‘light our darkest hour’, which was pretty cool). This track also saw my first attempt at incorporating synth pads into the arrangement, though the mix was poorly done.


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