Batch 5, Track 2 – The Plan

Last modified: ‎Tuesday, ‎29 ‎June, ‎2010, ‏‎5:38:16 AM.

‘The Plan’ is the second track from Batch 5, and it is also the second of two older tracks that were revived for ‘National Acrobats’. Originally a part of Batch 3 (slotting in between ‘Untitled‘ and ‘Circus Mirror‘), the track’s title and arrangement was loosely inspired by the 2007 drama film ‘Have Dreams, Will Travel‘, written and directed by Brad Isaacs. The film revolves around two kids, a boy by the name of Ben who met a girl by the name of Cass through an accident that occurs close to his home. Cass’s parents both perished in the carnage, but she survives, and uses her new-found freedom and friendship to set off a plan she had been scheming into motion. Later in the plot, it is revealed that her elaborate plan was triggered by repeated sexual abuses by her father; naturally, as a kid, she still sees the world innocently, and believes that her plan will bring her long-lasting happiness (which she did achieve through her marriage to Ben, lasting well into their old age).


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