Batch 5, Track 4 – Lagu Dua

Last modified: ‎Tuesday, ‎23 ‎July, ‎2013, ‏‎11:41:09 PM.

‘Lagu Dua’ (‘Second Track’) is the fourth and final track from Batch 5, and it is also the second of two newer tracks that were created for ‘National Acrobats’. A’aqel and I essentially share equal writing credits for the newer tracks: he would first provide a simple running bass line and an idea for the drum beats for at least the intro, verse and chorus sections; I would then add in the guitar parts based on the framework he had emailed me, and flesh out the track further by refining the arrangement and embellishing it with additional instrumentations. We would then basically pass the arrangement back and forth, and make smaller refinements until both of us are satisfied. ‘Lagu Dua’ is probably the most radio-friendly track I have ever worked on; it felt really appealing and accessible. If I was given an opportunity to properly record only one of the many tracks I’ve blogged about, this track would definitely be it, hands down.

With that, we have finally reached the end of a month-long (well, sort of) run of idea-sharing and self-indulgent blogging. Thank you to the handful of you who have at least given the tracks a listen (because Malaysians could not care for reading), and a shout out to Ken Jin for being the only commenter on my Soundcloud page (thanks, dude). Now, if only I could reclaim that creative streak I once had…


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